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Types of Computer Forensic Investigations

Analyze All Types of Hardware | Computer Forensic Investigation Services | Cellular Investigations and Forensics

Types of Computer Forensic Investigations:

Divorce Cases (Email, internet chat sites, social media correspondence and websites visited)
Wrongful Termination Disputes
Intellectual Property Disputes
Acts By Disgruntled Employee(s)
Employee Activity (Search for excessive personal browsing during work hours)
Employee Theft
Business Fraud
Cyberstalking, Hacking, Keyloggers, Illegal Activity
Corporate Employee Embezzlement
Industrial Accident, Incident & Negligence Investigations
Corporate E-mail Investigations and Correspondence
Insurance Fraud Cases Digital Investigations and Computer Forensics
Find deleted and hidden data
Find Email including deleted email
Recover data from reformatted hard drives
Find web sites visited
Find files transferred or copied
Find files downloaded
Find instant messages or persons contacted and content of illicit conversations

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