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Cellular Investigations and Forensics

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3EI’s Forensics Division Specializes in Cellular Investigations and Forensics.

In the right hands, a mobile device can reveal much about a person’s likes, dislikes, habits, hidden secrets,
associations and more. Mobile device data is “Digital DNA”. This data is so vital that an attorney can use it in
just about any case they encounter. A mobile phone can also reveal potential witnesses and
victims that were not previously known. Our Cellular Investigations and Forensics Division can assist.

3EI can attempt to retrieve all available data (present and deleted) from the mobile device.
We utilize forensic grade software and investigative techniques to extract the following data from
iPhones and iPads, to Blackberry devices and Andriod phones, plus more.

Cell Phones

What we can retrieve:

Calls Made
(date, time, duration)

Calls Received
(date, time, duration)

Last Dialed Number

Contact List
(personal phone book)

Text Messages
(SMS – short messaging service)

Instant Messages


Video Clips



Taped Conversations

Custom Ring Tone
(a distinctive ring-tone may be remembered by a witness to place someone at a physical location)

(establishes people’s physical location or direction of travel)

Data stored on SIM Cards
(Subscriber Identity Module)
This is a smart card containing a processor and non-volatile memory.
It is used as a storage device for subscriber related data.

Location Area Identifier
Identifies where the phone is currently located. This is useful to
determine where the cell phone was last used when it was operating.

Serial Number
This will identify the SIM itself.

Customer Number
(IMSI – International Mobile Subscriber Number)
With the help of the network provider the
customer who owns the phone can be identified.

Cell Phone Number
(MSISDN- Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network)
Data stored on an auxiliary memory card.

Determine if it has been installed on the device.

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