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Comprehensive Surveillance Services  //  Comprehensive Surveillance

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At 3EI Investigations, we have more than 17 years of experience in a wide range of surveillance services, including single and multiple operative surveillance, covert non-obtrusive surveillance, stationary and mobile surveillance, unmanned surveillance and essential pre-surveillance due diligence. We carefully gather information for:

Domestic situations – infidelity and cheating spouses- Workman’s compensation, AOE/COE and Child custody cases

We understand what surveillance evidence can be used in court and closely follow all state and federal statutory regulations to ensure lawful surveillance practices.


Surveillance and undercover operations are powerful tools for uncovering important information about a person’s activities, lifestyle, income, and trustworthiness. The art of surveillance is one that requires highly skilled experts to conduct covert investigations on certain individuals with the aid of cameras to capture valuable evidence that can be utilized on a personal level or in litigation. Surveillance is often conducted when you may suspect a husband or wife of cheating, drug abuse, fraudulent claims for compensation, custody battles, child abuse or neglect, criminal activity such as theft or gang involvement, corporate espionage or breach of employment contract. When dealing with such situations we do so with the upmost respect and subtlety so as to maintain your privacy and safety. 3EI Investigations is dedicated to providing you with clear and unbiased facts

When surveillance is requested we assess your request and design a surveillance strategy that will achieve optimum results. This can involve anything from following them to their place of work, appointments, holidays, social events, shopping, sport and more. Whilst following the individual we obtain video using the latest in high tech video surveillance equipment.

You have the guarantee of years of experience and the certainty of having our professional and personal commitment to solve your problems, whether simple or complicated, with the utmost effort and dedication. 3EI Investigations is highly skilled at conducting surveillance in every possible circumstance. In addition, our Investigators understand how and when to conduct undercover investigations effectively, ethically, and legally. We also make sure to provide you with continuous updates so you stay informed through every part of the investigation.

To learn more about 3EI Investigations’ surveillance services,

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