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Background Checks

Background Checks | Person-to-Person Location | Fraud | Asset Searches | Comprehensive Surveillance Services | Forensics

It’s not who you know – but what you know

If you own a business, beware. Today, organizations are increasingly liable for the actions of
their employees – whether it’s a simple Facebook posting, Instagram, Snapchat, Flickr or an enterprise-wide security breech.
In addition to business, you may think you’ve found the love of your life or the best nanny to take
care of your kids. But how do you know that what they’ve said is true?
Individual Background Checks are one of the keys to giving you important insight into a person’s life.

3EI Investigations can perform searches on:

Bankruptcies, liens and judgments-Business licenses-Corporate and limited partnerships
Credit reports-Professional credential verifications-Civil and federal criminal histories
Education records-Employment verifications-Motor vehicles records
Personal references-Professional licenses-Sex offender records-Social Security traces
Unified Commercial Code (UCC) filings

Whether you’re looking to hire a star future employee, are about to make an investment with
someone you’ve just met, are interested in the man or woman who seems to be “the one,” or have
a terrific nanny lined up just waiting to take care of your kids, having a professional investigator
give you all the unbiased details can help you make more solid, informed decisions.

Background record checks are often done as part of a pre-employment screening to help a company evaluate an applicant’s history and work experience to make informed hiring decisions and reduce negligent hiring liability. Another popular trend in the dating world is to do a reference check on a prospective mate to learn more about their criminal history, employment history or financial history. Individual Background Checks include criminal background check, property value, lawsuits, judgments, bankruptcy, liens and more.

Individual Report – Searches for individuals typically include checking an individual’s criminal history, former residences, verification of employment history and work experience, marital status, liens and judgments, membership in various organizations, political affiliations, professional license search, ethnic profile and religion. Also, a verification of education history, degrees and diplomas earned as well as schools attended. A driving history or DMV records check may be conducted to determine if an individual is a responsible driver. In cases where the individual may deal with money or financial services, 3EI Investigations he company may pull a credit history report.

Businesses – Involves checking into business licenses, OSHA violations, litigation, business credit check, liens and judgments, SEC records (if a publicly traded company), Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce in the business’s city, consumer complaints, products and services, business reputation, legal status, industry, major competitor and finally a criminal check or the owners or officers of the company.


If you want to learn more, contact us 24 hours a day for a no obligation, free consultation.

 if you need criminal and civil in the individual background checks in around the globe we do this professionally and can help you 24 hours a day.

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