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Photo Shoot #4: Culver City, CA

Rena Lovelis (Cherri Bomb, Bassist):

To stop the exploitation of women and children.

Jana Cruder Celebrity Photographer and Photg for “X-d OUT” Shoot IV :

I posed to stand against an industry that is growing by preying on our young women. I posed to speak out against those men who abuse these women for pleasure. I posed, have you?

Megan Lera (Actress):

I posed on behalf of my friend who is a rape victim and still struggles  daily with herself and her past.  She is broken and I wanted to do this to help prevent that from happening to others out there.  This is for her and all the others.

Nia Lovelis (Cherri Bomb, Drummer):

I support this cause and want to stop the trafficking of children and women.

Silvana Vienne:

I am a Musician and actress who wants to make  difference

Carley Hebert (Art Director LA Weekly):

To support a good cause.

Erica McClean:

To support and amazing and necessary cause!!

Michael Cory Davis:


Casey Moreta (Cherri Bomb, Guitarist):

To stop human trafficking and make a difference in the lives of those affected.

Brennan Benko:

My girlfriend asked me to, for this good cause

Ana Lovelis:

Stop the trafficking. Stop the Rape and Torture of our Children.

Lets make a difference and end the pain!!

TJ Fisher:

I am posing because I don’t believe in human trafficking, it is inhumane.

Syd Lynch:

To stop the trafficking of woman and children and support the cause this is making a difference.

Giovanna Dean:

To help spread the word and show that this problem is not only in other countries but here in our cities.  To help inspire young women into pursuing their dreams and living their life for themselves, making their own choices.

Wallace Demarria:

I believe in the cause.  Aria and Wallace     “ARTISTS AND ADVOCATES”

Aria London (3EI ORHTTF Officer and Actress)

Kelly Crossley:

To show that I am aware that innocent children and women are being raped and tortured and I want to support any solution there is to stopping this or making more people aware so it doesn’t become a problem.  Knowledge is power and the more people who know about this the more people will care and start helping.

Summer Singh:

To support this message and my friend Kilana



Daniel Davis:

I posed because I want to help bring an end to the Rape and Torture of Women and Children.

Guido Jenniges:

To support a good cause and stop Rape and Torture of Children.

Lisa Mae Brunson (Creator of Equality TV):

I am an advocate for Equality for all and will work to eradicate exploitation, abuse and sex crimes against men, women and children.

Dwayne Malone:

I strongly believe that any abuse abduction or mistreatment of all children…people should be eliminated (completely).

Marshal Hilton:

To support a fabulous cause!!!  “COMPADRE”

Emily Beene:

To help this amazing cause other than donating money.

Mat Hayes:

To be honest, I just moved to LA and I am just trying to get plugged into the city and get involved with different causes.  I have a friend who heads an awareness organization for Human Trafficking in Nashville, so I am happy to share an effort that she is so passionate about.

3EI’s Chopper

Nico Rijelle:

Slavery exists today.  I refuse to go to bed at night without doing something about it!  Posing for the X’d-OUT Campaign is the first step to speaking the truth, letting people know we will not stand for this in America.

Antonia Malone and Dwayne Malone

Haydee Camacho:

Supporting my friend Kilana and standing for children all over the world.

TJ Fisher and 3EI’s CEO

Bella Cortez and Kaiden Jones:

“Proud Son”    Good Cause.


Lindsay and Guido :

“Friends 4 Life” Friends for over 25 years, coming together and Standing Together to Be Heard for those that can’t.

Jeannine Fisher and TJ Fisher:  “Family”

TJ Fisher:

I am posing because I don’t believe in human trafficking, it is inhumane.

Jeannine Fisher:

To bring total awareness to human trafficking to bring an end to it.

Kenny and Ana Lovelis:

Kenny Enea:  To help bring awareness to the cause.  I have young daughters and it hit home.

Ana Lovelis:  Stop the trafficking. Stop the Rape and Torture of our Children.

Lets make a difference and end the pain!!

Lisa Mae and Flat Stanley:

Flat Stanley:   I posed because I love children and I get to travel all over the world with them and their friends and families thanks to the schools that provide me this opportunity. It breaks my heart to know that a percentage of these children may be taken advantage of and hurt by others. I don’t want my best friend to get hurt and I am proud to pose with the X’d Out Campaign to raise awareness and save the children who delight in reading the books I am featured in.


Cherri Bomb, 3EI ORHTTF and friends

Aria London, Marshal Hilton and 3EI ORHTTF Director Lindsay McGrail

3EI’s Hawk, Beats and Diego

Cherri Bomb and friends

Antonia Malone:

Exploitation in any form is wrong.  Doing wrong to children/women robs them of the wonderful life that they should inherently have.

Antonia and Dwayne Malone with Equality TV’s Creator Lisa Mae

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