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Photo Shoot #5 Rock & Reilly’s Pub

Sarah Rampacek

To bring an awareness to those around me.

P. David Miller

I support the cause.

Silvana Vienne

I am a Musician and actress who wants to make  difference.

Patrick Erlandson

I get tired of crying for girls left on roadsides, dumpsters and ditches.  Mothers, sisters, daughters are our human family and are irreplaceable and needed.  The God I know valued freedom so highly he risked it all for us to be able to be a human family.  Slavery is evil at any angle you see it!!

Annie Palage

Human trafficking can effect anyone in both the U.S. and other countries and I will support the X’d-OUT Campaign to help end this.  Plus, Jeff is awesome.

Clark Main

To support a great organization.  Every voice counts.

Paige Montgomery

Third Echelon inspired me to come out but raising awareness for this cause is why I got in front of the camera.

Antonio Hernandez

I believe human trafficking must be stopped.

Samara Costa

Because I want to support the X’d-OUT Campaign against sex trafficking in America.  It’s an amazing cause and I am glad to be part of it.

Amanda Bergin

To prevent child trafficking.  Representing Rock & Reilly’s.

Gregory Owens

More men need to step up

Colleen Kodner

I am a voice for all women and children.




We represent Peace.

Juan Orozzo

To help out!!

Carolina Eastwood and friend  “Actress from “Survivor”,

I lived a life of poverty and know what happens on the streets.  Please help stop this crime against our children.

Frank Settle


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