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Photo Shoot #7th Peavey Studios Hollywood, CA

PHEREN SOEPADHI                                 Photographer of 3EI’s 7th “X-d” OUT Campaign Shoot in Hollywood!!!
Pheren earned a Bachelor of Multimedia Arts degree at Raffles Design Singapore in 2005 and also Fashion Design at So En Bunka Japan in 2006. In 2007 she started her own Photography and Couture line in Indonesia. During 2009 – 2013, she has done 5 Photo Exhibitions in Indonesia and Hollywood, and has travelled to Singapore, China, Hongkong, Paris, Germany , Australia and some cities in the US for projects.
She just won an Award as the Photographer of The Year on G.O.D Awards 2013 at Academy of Television Arts and Science, Hollywood. And has received two achievements in Beauty Awards in Indonesia, Having worked as a set and billboard photographer at the biggest TV station in Indonesia, and also an actress for TV series. She has done some music videos for Sony Music Miami and others as the Art Director and the Fashion Stylist.
She called herself as an Artist. Pheren does Photography concepts, Photography, Art Directing, Fashion Styling, Fashion Design, Set Decoration, Artistic Make Up, Hairdo, Jewellery design and Headpiece design. Most of her works are into details.
She was an active member for Red Cross in Singapore, and likes to do Humanitarian works in Indonesia and LA.
Pheren spent her childhood in Indonesia and Singapore. She went back and forth to the US for two years before 2013, and finally she moved to LA to pursue her career to become an official photographer for Rock Bands, Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Art Director for music videos and movies.

Angelica Ulloa AKA Anully

I posed to bring awareness and support to a foundation/organization that screams out loud not needing words. I am for all that is innocent and pure, no child or human should miss out on what is the best memories in life.

Pearl Love-CEO of Prime Productions Inc.

Sarah Golden

For a good cause

Matthew Golden

I believe in the cause

Syd Lynch

I’ve posed for the “X-d ” OUT Campaign previously and it was incredible. I love what “X-d” OUT stands for and the transformative impact that they are making

Roadblock-President Hooligan Society MC

Amanda Arner

To help fight the battles that happen in the dark and to bring light to the shadows that otherwise go unseen.

Bring Hope

Amanda Golden

To protect our children!!!

Lisa Fry

Darren Woolf

Frank Pestello-Owner (F’n) WikkedLidz

Jamie Scoles-Drummer Nylon Pink

Because I support the cause

Christopher Orenos


Kaila Yu-Vocals Nylon Pink

It’s important to support and bring awareness to this issue

El Gman-Hooligan Society MC

For a good cause and I’m a fucking hooligan!

Lee Parker

For Cherri Bomb against human tafficking

Josef Wiesmuller

To stop child and human trafficking altogether



Ceasar Mena

It’s the right thing to do

Elizabeth Hernandez

For my best friend

Angelica Zamora

Stop human trafficking. No one deserves that kind of pain

Tyler Turner

Ashley Reese

To support a very important cause and movement

Kiki Wongo-Guitarist Nylon Pink

I support the cause


Peavey Hollywood Staffer

We support

Nylon Pink

Lauren Martinson & TJ McDonell

Lauren-To bring awareness

TJ-Cause this is fucked up and has to stop

Cherri Bomb

3EI CEO with Nylon Pink

3EI CEO with Cherri Bomb

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