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3EI FRU  //  Fugitive Recovery Los Angeles

Fugitive Recovery Unit

 Third Echelon Investigations’ Fugitive Recovery Unit, specializes in bail enforcement or fugitive recovery.

Your Bail Enforcement Specialist

3EI’s Fugitive Recovery Unit,

specializes in bail enforcement or fugitive recovery.

By using database technology, trap lines, networking and

years of investigative experience we locate fugitives and execute arrest warrants

on behalf of the bail bonds company. Our goal is to bring fugitives to justice

while also reducing our clients’ financial and civil liability.

To learn more about 3EIFRU,

contact us 24 hours a day for a no obligation, free consultation.

Fugitive Recovery Agents are expected to understand procedural protocols related to:

  • The proper use of force
  • Entry and seizure
  • The use of weapons and firearms
  • Transporting fugitives
  • The legal process
  • The bail bond process

Additionally, Fugitive Recovery Agents are expected to understand civil and criminal law as it pertains to fugitive recovery, which may include:

  • State laws and statutes
  • Constitutional law
  • Detainee civil rights
  • Law related to surveillance and accessing public records
  • Procedure related to surrendering defendants to law enforcement

Fugitive Recovery Agents today are, more often than not, trained, educated and highly skilled professionals who are called upon by bail bondsmen to return fugitives who have failed to adhere to

the conditions of their bail. Our Fugitive Recovery Agents spend much of their time investigating, researching, interviewing, and staking out locations so as to obtain the whereabouts of fugitives.

Our professionals are educated in the field of criminal justice and/or law enforcement and have training in varios investigations and skip tracing.

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